Our belief system

The Valesco Group prides itself on being a firm which holds both the intention of providing an exceptional investment function whilst at the same time applying socially responsible and ethical values across every aspect of the institution. These are showcased by the firm’s key principles:

-          To regularly consult on how to incorporate environment, social and governance (ESG) issues into our investment philosophy

-          To endeavour to incorporate ESG issues into our firm through policies and practices

-          To promote the acceptance and implementation of ESG practices across our industry

-          To act in accordance with our ESG values to provide the best socially responsible outcome and ensure the highest degree of fiduciary responsibility to our investors

the way we work

With constantly evolving demographics and ever improving technology, the way we work has changed dramatically. In order to succeed, The Valesco Group has always employed the best technology to build a better and more fluid working environment for our colleagues. We aspire to have a leading people culture at our firm with the intention to make the environment where we work attractive to outstanding talent. We feel this is expressed most accurately by our willingness to provide the right platform for our colleagues to achieve tremendous success. To strive to achieve this we invest in 3 principles to maintain our optimal working environment. 

  • Togetherness - we're a team and we believe in a flat meritocratic structure to ensure that our analysts have as much of a voice as our managing directors.
  •  Development - when a candidate becomes a colleague they become part of a growing family which is built on the foundations set in stone when the firm was launched. As part of the family, you can expect to learn of your development plan from day one and support will constantly be provided to ensure that we meet your expectations as you meet ours and you fulfil your potential.
  • Community - at The Valesco Group we believe in giving back through The Valesco Foundation and there are numerous projects and ventures that the Foundation supports in order to give back. In addition to the work of the Foundation, The Valesco Group encourages colleagues to take up to two business days per annum in order to support a charity or not for profit organisation.