The Valesco Group is a UK and European specialist real estate investment and asset manager headquartered in London and backed by sovereign and institutional investors from Asia and the Middle East. The Valesco Group is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. Its central philosophy is to deliver investors consistently strong alternative returns and growth profiles at all points within a market cycle. The Valesco Group's ethos is built on combining excellence with fiduciary responsibility to ensure the delivery of target exceeding risk adjusted returns to our global investor base. 

The name “Valesco” is derived from the Latin for growing strong together through collaboration. The Valesco Group strives to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties it engages with, be it investors, partners, market participants, counterparties or advisers.


The Valesco Group is an institution that advocates social and charitable responsibility as a central pillar and its team thrives on collective hunger and excellence. A portion of all profits are distributed to The Valesco Foundation to be utilised wholly for charitable and socially responsible initiatives. The Valesco Group was founded on the premise of establishing a socially and ethically responsible set of values from the root of the firm up.  



I believe in the principals upon which this institution was founded, to insist on excellence, to serve our investors with the highest degree of fiduciary responsibility and instil social and charitable responsibility as core elements of our ethos
— Shiraz Jiwa CEO

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St Paul's - London Designed by Sir Christopher Wren

St Paul's - London Designed by Sir Christopher Wren